Tickets printing

The offer includes high-quality materials with different types of finish: uncoated, single- and double-side coated with a layer for thermal printing, semi-gloss, matt and structural. Colors according to the PANTONE or CMYK pattern, the possibility of printing from the graphics provided by the client or made by our graphic designers. Perforation on the label and between the labels makes it easier to tear off part of the ticket or allows to separate from each other copies. Applied for admission tickets, parking tickets or passes. The ability to write variable, individual data using label printers.

Season tickets

Cardboard tickets

Season tickets – cardboard, on rolls

The most popular variant of season tickets are tickets printed on boxes of various weights. We work with many companies involved in the organization of events, including: printing tickets for sporting events (RTS Widzew), admission tickets to theaters, cinemas and operas, tickets for concerts and cultural events in Lodz and more. We offer any method of confection depending on the preferences of our customers: on the plot, in the form of continuous paper, sheets or cut and delivered in piles.

Personalized printing

The raw materials from which we produce tickets are adapted for later printing in order to further personalize them – for example by applying a unique number, which allows us to verify its authenticity. Data for tickets can also be applied in a traditional way, using a pen, for example – the surface of the material allows free writing on the ticket.

Aesthetic value of tickets

BThe entrance ticket for the event becomes a showcase of the organizer. We make sure that the product delivered by us meets not only the standards for advertising printing, such as high quality of colors and material, but also stood out from the competition. Our sales department, in cooperation with technologists, will advise in the selection of appropriate methods of print refinement, which can diversify the appearance of our passport or carnet – it can be gilding, silvering, covering with an additional layer of varnish or a hologram mark. The graphic studio will be happy to propose solutions that are an attractive and eye-catching tickets for the event organized by the client.

Tickets in the form of armbands

A popular way to verify eligible participants are bands. Usually placed on the hand, treated as a ticket entitling to move around the event area. They should be durable and non-breakable – we recommended specialized Tyvek, Polyart raw materials for their production.



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