All types of label printers

Thermo-transfer ribbons for all types of label printers: TSC, Zebra, Sato, Intermec, Datamax, Citizen, Cab, Motorola, Toshiba and others. Any width of the tape.

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Thermal transfer ribbons

Thermo-transfer ribbons for printing in label printers

Thermotransfer tapes are polyester foils, delivered in rolls, coated with a dye that allows printing of text, graphics, barcodes, QR codes. Tapes can be printed on any type of raw material from which labels are produced (paper, foil, cardboard, special materials: Tyvek, Polyart). Depending on the dye, we distinguish different types of tapes: waxes for printing paper labels, wax resin and resin labels for foil, cardboard and textiles.

  • Wax ribbons – designed for printing on paper materials – matt, semi-gloss and coated. They are characterized by increased resistance to abrasion and scratching of the print
  • Wax-resin ribbons – for printing on paper materials – matt, semi-gloss, synthetic, and PE and PP films. They are characterized by high resistance, abrasion and scratching of print, and increased resistance to light acids and bases
  • Resin ribbons – – for printing on “demanding” plastic materials – PET, PVC, but also PE, PP. They are characterized by very high resistance, abrasion and scratching of the print, and many chemicals.
  • Colored ribbons – in contrast to wax and resin tapes, produced in black, give the possibility of printing in color
  • Thermal transfer printing

    Heating the pigment contained in the thermal transfer ribbon (wax, resin) allows printing the image on the substrate. Therefore, labels intended for further thermal transfer printing should be provided in rolls. The tape moves on subsequent labels coming off the roll, creating an image. This type of printing is characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage – widely used in the case of logistic labels, inventory and labels for scales



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