Thermal labels

Thermal labels

Thermal labels in any size

Produced in ECO and TOP versions. The ECO variant, most often chosen for clean labels for further printing in thermal printers, is used as labels for bar codes or scales. The TOP version, most often used for color labels, intended for further printing, produced on the material protected with an additional layer increasing resistance to moisture, fats and scratches.

Labels on ECO thermal paper

The low-priced version of paper labels. Due to their average resistance to environmental factors, such as discoloration or damage, they are well suited for marking goods with a low shelf life. Most often ordered in a self-adhesive version, in white, adapted for further thermal printing, eg bar codes or prices. They also work well as labels for products by weight.

Labels on TOP thermal paper

They show better resistance to external factors than eco materials, as well as a greater variety of production techniques. There is a possibility of refining the label, as well as coating with varnish – on the whole or only on its part, which allows you to print additional information. The use of specialized adhesives allows the storage of products at low or high temperatures or in conditions of increased humidity.

Thermal transfer labels

SUsually used as a cheaper alternative to foil labels, they have gained high popularity in the industry as the main labels of products or packaging. White or colored, suitable for further printing using the thermal transfer method (with the help of handles). The thermal transfer technique allows printing patterns in full color, with print, the possibility of refining labels and the use of specialized types of gluing. Print on matte or glossy paper.

Logistic labels

GS1 logistic labels

Logistic label according to GS1 standards

Both thermal and thermal transfer labels are also often used for the production of popular logistic labels. Signs used in logistics, in accordance with GS1 standards, are to facilitate the recognition of the product in the supply chain and its quick classification. Readable, usually black and white, perform an information function passed in the form of, for example, unique bar codes

Labels for scales

Used in the food industry, made of mostly thermal paper, prepared for further printing in label printers and the application of variable, individual data.



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