Security labels

Used as protection of the product against unauthorized interference from outside and confirming the authenticity of the purchase. Print on VOID materials, white or transparent hologram. Additional information, such as serial number or bar code, can be added to the security label to verify the authenticity of the product. Frequently used variant of labels in the electronics industry, as markings of home appliances and electronics, as well as shipments, cosmetics and documents. Security labels can also be used when sealing rooms – for example, offices or warehouses.

VOID security labels

Security labels
on VOID foil

Name plates

Self-adhesive foil labels, printed on specialized raw materials imitating metal markings. They are used to permanently identify equipment and devices and to place technical information, such as voltage. The material used in the form of metallized aluminum film is characterized by high resistance to external factors, which allows marking of electronics and household appliances. They are a great alternative to metal nameplates and eliminate the need for their machine mount. They also demonstrate greater durability (resistance to abrasion and harmful external conditions) and longevity than their aluminum counterparts. The possibility of printing in color allows you to place your company logo or other form of the label’s appearance (graphics, pictograms).

Warranty seals

These labels are used to protect the product against interference by unauthorized persons. Printed on specialist raw materials, which after label violation (an attempt to detach it in whole or detachment of a part of the mark) leave a permanent mark on the surface on which they were applied – VOID, OPENED, chessboard or crumbled material. This track informs the user that the label has been broken. Thanks to the use of PET film, there is no possibility of re-sticking the sticker. The seals can be applied on materials such as glass, stainless steel, metals and plastic. Widely used for products covered by the warranty period.



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