Labels for medicines

Pharmaceutical labels most often chosen in the self-adhesive version, combining visual qualities with an information function. Wide application of multilayer labels, peel-off, peel and read. The shape is adapted to non-standard surfaces, such as bottles with syrup.

Designations in hospitals and laboratories

Pharmaceutical labels

Labels for bottles with syrup

Suitable for applications on small, round surfaces, such as vials, test-tubes, small-diameter bottles. Used materials allows storage at low temperatures, resistant to chemicals, oily substances and mechanical damage.

Decorative pharmaceutical labels

Labels for the pharmaceutical industry are a frequent winner of worldwide competitions for the most beautiful, designed labels. Drugs and supplements are a premium product, and competition in this market segment is constantly growing – in the production of pharmaceutical labels are often used various types of refinements, such as coldstamping (gilding or silvering), varnishing, and hologram markings. Printing in 10 colors allows us to produce labels that meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry – they can also be peel-off labels, so-called “booklets”.



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