Multi-layer labels

  • Peel off, peel and read labels – this technology allows you to peel off and re-glue the next layers of the label, creating a specific “book”, whose pages we can print with the necessary information. Layers can be printed on both film and paper. Most often used in the case of the need to place a large amount of information – such as translations, instructions – on a relatively small print area.
  • Triple layer – a double layer of silicones in the primer, used for multilayer labels, where they need to be re-used. The top layer of the label can be peeled off completely from the bottom layer and glued elsewhere. It works great for promotional campaigns, as well as courier companies, post offices and telecommunications.
Multi-layer labels

Several layers of label printing (for example, instructions, translations)

Print on adhesive side

Allows you to print a label on both sides, the top layer can be used as decorative and advertising graphics, and other necessary information to be applied to the page with glue. A solution often found in cosmetics or chemicals in transparent bottles, such as window cleaning liquids, shower gels, nail polish removers. Another type of markings produced using this method are peel and read labels – allowing for multiple peeling and re-sticking to the surface

Specialist raw materials

  • Tyvek – combines resistance to tearing with a relatively small thickness of material. Used in the production of banners, pendants, maps, guides, “start numbers”, band-tickets for events. Some Tyvek’s are allowed to contact with food. The possibility of applying an antistatic coating. Self-adhesive Tyvek also on offer.
  • Polyart – resistant to tearing, fat, moisture and various chemical substances, including UV radiation. Used as pendants, wrappers for plants, folders, luggage labels, labels for meat and other food. Certified for contact with food.

Adhesive glue, deep-freeze glue

  • Labels on removable, adhesive glue – leave no trace on the surface, allow clean application on any surface – the customer does not have to remove the remains of the adhesive; used in particular for security labels
  • Labels on deep-freeze glue – used when labeling the packaging at negative temperatures or in situations where the product is stored at low temperatures (refrigerators, cold stores)



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