Transparent labels, “no-label look”

Transparent labels

Transparent label (“no-label look”)

Printed on raw materials such as clear gloss foil, they allow to achieve the effect of direct printing on the packaging (“no-label look”), and constitute an aesthetic finish packaging in the cosmetics industry. Transparent labels for cosmetics give the packaging an exclusive look, classifying it as a premium product.

Peel-off labels with instructions and translations inside

For placing more information on the label, we propose specialized solutions: multilayer labels, such as peel-off, peel and read and sandwich. These markings provide the necessary information on the subsequent labels, which allows to place a large amount of information on a relatively small printable area. Another, often chosen method is a print from the adhesive side – allowing the placement of instructions or translations on the inside of the label.

Cosmetic labels

Colorful label for cosmetics

Decorative, multicolored labels for cosmetics

Cosmetic products are associated mainly with the concern for good looks. Labels should therefore be similarly perfected in terms of aesthetics, as well as stand out from the competition – this effect can be achieved using the printing of full color using the Pantone color palette. Such packaging will attract the eye and distinguish the product among the competition. Labels of any shape – square, special, front-back, as well as wrappers, fitted to containers and bottles with cosmetics.



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