The specific type of labels are tags – used mainly in retail trade. Simple, white, able to contain a large amount of information, are especially useful in the textile industry, but also as cattle markings, luggage tags, coupons and tickets. Depending on the industry and applications, we can customize the tags to any given shapes. Often used as pendants for clothes in the clothing industry.

Loops and gardening arrows

A popular motif will be pendants in the form of loops – used widely in the determination of plants, especially trees and saplings. The loop allows you to interweave the product and does not require additional elements for the correct application. On the label we can apply customer-supplied, variable data, or prepare the product for further thermal transfer printing on its own account. Materials used in the production of tags also allow for their manual description – with a pen or marker. Another, often chosen shape in the garden industry are arrows – we can put on them information on the variety of plants or ways of its care.

Baggage tags

For marking travelers’ luggage – they can fulfill both the luggage identification function and an advertising gadget for a travel agency, hotel, guest house or carrier. The initial print allows you to later apply variable data – manually or using a thermal transfer printer. The ability to print on specialty raw materials – resistant to tearing, oils, moistures, chemical substances, UV radiation. Any shapes of labels – popular, rectangular tags can be replaced with a sign in the shape of a suitcase, bus, house, plane, etc. They are also available in a version without glue.

Food tags

Made of materials resistant to temperature and tearing, at the same time certified for contact with food. Fruit-tag – tags for fruit and vegetable grids, produced on raw materials suitable for further thermal printing on one side and allowing a full color graphic print on the other. This allows you to combine the decorative and advertising functions of the brand with the simultaneous placement of the necessary variable data on the label. Our sales department will help you to match the right materials that have approvals allowing them to be in direct contact with food.



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