Self-adhesive food labels

High quality of flexographic printing allows to maintain proper focus and readability of food labels – both for information in smaller fonts, such as the composition of the product, as well as decorative graphics placed for marketing purposes.

Food labels

Food, wraps labels for dried meats

Wrappers for meats, breads, salads

Wrapper labels are often used for marking products in the food industry, such as sausages, breads, pasta, salad in containers etc. Raw materials used in their production have certificates allowing direct contact with food.

Food tags

Made of Polyart synthetic paper, resistant to tearing, oil, moisture, UV radiation and various chemical substances. They are used for labeling meat and other food, as well as for marking cattle, animals and breeding cages.

Labels for deep freezing

The use of adhesives for deep freezing allows the storage of labels at very low temperatures – refrigerators, freezers, cold stores.

Adhesives with approvals

Today’s technology allows the creation of materials that are harmless to humans and the environment, while freely using them for information and advertising. A special line of adhesives certified for direct contact with food allows applications to be marked directly on food products, e.g. apple, bread. We will gladly help you to choose raw materials allowed for contact with food.



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