Clothing tags

Clothing labels

Cardboard clothing tag

Tags for the textile industry, usually printed as cardboard labels, with a hole that allows you to hang the label on the product. Decorative, using many methods of print refinement. The ability to write variables, individual data.

Clothing labels

Clothing markings made on satin, nylon, polyester and other substrates. They can be different types of labels: information labels, advertising labels, with additional information like size, instructions for washing and storing clothes, etc. Data can also be printed using thermal transfer printers – we can prepare labels for further printing

The advertising function of clothing tags is very important from the point of view of clothing manufacturers – it should attract attention and be memorable so that the customer can associate the brand in the future. For this reason, in addition to the information function of the label, we place great emphasis on the aesthetic values of the markings – quality of the raw material, readability of the print and color matching. The tag printed on the carton can be ennobled, which will make it stand out from the competition.



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