Resistant to chemical substances

Chemical labels

Labels resistant to chemical substances

Specialist raw materials protect labels against external factors such as lubricants, oils, chemicals, and changing weather conditions. We recommend the use of foil labels with the appropriate glue, allowing applications for plastic and metal containers.

Chemical warning labels

Sticked on the packaging of products containing dangerous substances, they warn of dangers and health risks. The ability to print on fluorescent, reflective materials, providing visibility. On rolls or A4 sheets – in the case of manual label application.

Chemical information labels

As front-to-back labels, they let you print the color of the front of the label and put information such as warnings and instructions on the back. As used especially for automotive and household chemicals, e.g. glass cleaners, oil tanks. If you need to place a large amount of information in a relatively small area of printing, we recommend multilayer labels – peel-off or a sandwich.

Multicolored markings of chemicals

The aesthetic values of chemical labels should not be overlooked – household chemical products should be encouraged to purchase and pay attention to customers. We offer high-quality flexographic printing, allowing you to achieve high detail resolution while maintaining color sharpness. Optional thermal transfer print from the CMYK palette – cyan, magenta, yellow, black – and Pantone. Pantone color chart gives us unlimited possibilities in the selection of colors corresponding to our design.



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