Cardboard labels

Cardboard labeles on rolls or stacks

Cardboards with different paperweight

The offer includes high-quality materials, of various paperweigth (90-300g / m2) and types of finishing. Produced from the highest quality cellulose in a layered fiber application process. High rigidity and excellent printing properties, resistance to yellowing and material aging. Cartons can be also decorated – gilding, silvering, painting, hologram and other print finishing techniques. Print in full color – from two or one side.

Cardboard labels are also suitable for further printing in label printers. The ability to apply variable, individual data – such as barcodes – allows them to be widely used in the textile industry, e.g. as decorative clothing tags . Due to increased resistance, they are also used for products exposed to adverse weather conditions such as rain or wind – eg. warehouses equipment. They are also used for marking potted plants, in botanical gardens and seedlings in the horticultural industry and forestry.

Non-adhesive labels, with perforation

Possibility to apply perforation on the label and between labels – making it easier to peel off a part of the carton or allows for easy separation of subsequent copies. According to the perforation, labels will be perfect as entrance tickets, parking tickets or passes .

Clothing cardboard label

Cardboard clothing labels with a hole

Clothing industry

Cardboard labels are often used in clothing industry as clothing tags – in a decorative form, with the option of print refinement, combine the information function with brand presentation . Cutting dies with a hole allows you to hang the label on the product. By default, a cardboard with 170g / m2 basis weight is used to print clothing labels – we also have raw materials with different thicknesses, tailored to the needs of our clients. For questions about choosing the right material, please contact our sales department .



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