Labels and markings for the automotive industry

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Labels for the automotive industry

Labels for the automotive industry – these are specialist markings of accessories and components in the automotive industry, wich increased resistance to mechanical damage and weather conditions. In the automotive industry, we mainly recommend labels made on various types of foils, which affects their durability and allows application on rough or metal surfaces. Resistant to chemicals, greases, alcohols and high temperatures.

Examples of automotive labels

Automotive labels

Component markings for the automotive industry

Used either for marking a finished product or part used in the process of production and assembly elements. Examples of the applicability of automotive labels:

  • Tire labels they contain information on tire parameters – performance in relation to fuel consumption, adhesion and the level of generated noise. Their appearance resembles energy labels – used to label audio and video equipment. Printed on foil materials, allowing application on uneven, rubber surface of the tire, as well as resistant to external conditions
  • Labels for engine oils contain information on oil standards and classification relevant to drivers. Characterized by an unusual shape, adapted to the kind of package. Typically produced as front-to-back labels – the brand’s logo is placed on the front side and the back side is the necessary technical information about the product. Most often in a color version, self-adhesive.
  • Security labels placed on car subassemblies, eg inside the engine. They must be highly resistant to external factors, such as increased temperature, resistance to oils, greases and liquids. We recommend durable materials for their production, eg foil labels.


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