Alcohol labels – bottles

Special, elongated shapes of labels in combination with the use of appropriate adhesives and raw materials allow you to stick labels on rounded glass surfaces, such as bottles with alcohol. Self-adhesive, prepared on the role

Wine labels

Wine labels

Decorative wine labels

A special type are wine labels – treated as luxury products, for the labeling of premium products, produced using many printing refinement techniques, on special raw materials such as wine and spirit.

Beer labels

The most common type of collected labels, appreciated by collectors. Beer labels can impress with their originality, finesse and not once and wit. The shape is specially adapted to the dimensions of the bottles, can be supplied in the form of self-adhesive back-front or in the form of a wrapper. Materials resistant to low temperatures, for storage eg in refrigerators.

Vodka labels

Another type of premium markings – refined labels, printed on specialty raw materials, transparent or semi-transparent, on metallized, gold-plated, silver-coated foils, varnished on the whole or selectively. Alcohol producers are competing in the design of original, eye-catching packaging – we are trying to meet these expectations by adapting the label to the individual preferences of customers.



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