Tom-Druk printing houseTom-Druk printing house

TOM DRUK is a printing house offering a wide range of products made in flexographic technology. The origins of the company date back to 1998. Where in the deserted factory hall at ulica Wersalska, the production of self-adhesive labels started. The start in the printing business put a challenge to the owner and the young print shop staff. Consistency in action, focus on high quality of production, timely execution of orders resulted in the recognition of customers, whose group has gradually expanded. The recipients of the list were widely recognized and respected companies on the domestic market.

The pivotal moment in the history of TOM-PRINT was the move to a new hall, located at 54 Podchorążych Street in Łódź, and now at 38 Krajowa Street . Not only did the conditions of production and crew work change, but a rapid jump into modernity followed. With the support of European Union funds, the printing house purchased a state-of-the-art 6-color flexographic machine, which allowed to diversify the production of labels, enriching the existing offer and expanding the range of colored labels. The quality of the latter allowed to reach for the most demanding clients from various industrial sectors, including chemical, automotive, food, etc. Still, the most important determinant of TOM-PRINT’s activities was maintaining high quality products.

In order to keep up with the changes taking place on the printing market, the company is continuing its efforts to carry out further investments. In 2010, also thanks to the assistance obtained from the European Union funds, the TOM-DRUKU machinery park was enriched with another modern flexographic machine – this time 8-color and 10-color, which transferred the plant’s production to an even higher level of modernity. However, this is not the end of the investment … The next ones are waiting in the queue. All these undertakings are subordinated to one goal, namely to provide customers with a product that would fully satisfy them. The equation to the best creates the basis and guarantee of further development and approximation of the perspective of building a company that would allow the goal to be achieved.