Self-adhesive A4 sheets

A4 self-adhesive sheets

A4 sheets

White or colored labels with different cut sizes, supplied on self-adhesive A4 sheets. Matt or shiny, certified for further printing in laser printers, inkjet printers, copiers and other types of office equipment. They work as product, binder, letters and correspondence markings. Universal raw materials allow for both printing and manual labeling.

Sheets for further printing

The self-adhesive sheets we proposed have certificates that allow for safe and reliable printing in industrial, office and even home printing and copying devices, without the fear of damaging the equipment. A convenient way to mark any objects useful in office work – files, files, documents, computers, envelopes. The materials used in the production of sheets enable handwritten writing on the label, e.g. with a marker, a pen or a pencil.

Fluorescent sheets

Self-adhesive A4 labels printed on fluorescent paper, in striking, reflective colors: yellow, red, orange, green and pink. Designed for marking products during rebates, discounts and promotions.

Minimum quantities and waiting time

The minimum number of labels we can do is 100 pieces. In the case of standard self-adhesive sheets, where one A4 sheet contains 4 labels – it will be 25 pieces. The lead time is 5 business days – depending on the processing capacity of the plant and the ordered amount, this period may change.



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